GRAVITY...It's not just a good idea...IT'S THE LAW!

Coursolle History CD

Click here for the narrative by Naz, to read about where the Coursolle's came from (Il de Re),
to read about the Jam(me) family, and to see a sample of the photos on the disk.

Minnesota Flood in 2001

We had a bit of rain in 2001, and here are some before and after pics for comparison.

Standard Disclaimer

I believe I've covered all the possibilities.

Never judge a man until you've walked a mile in his shoes...
You'll be a mile away, and you'll have his shoes.

Memorial Day Picnic - 1999

Family pictures, including some who are not with us anymore.

Niagara Falls in February 2000

Doesn't everybody visit Niagara Falls in the middle of winter?

TREAD - the band
You like music played to perfection? You want to hear flawless performance?
Buy a record cd. You want reality? Here we are!

Our first evening with The Ever Popular, Very Capable, KENNY "Sodbuster" JAY
and other American Wrestling Association (AWA) personalities. Pictures from one of the 9 years we have played this gig. Or is it the Very Popular, Ever Capable "Sodbuster" Kenny Jay?

Our final evening with The Ever Popular, Very Capable, KENNY "Sodbuster" JAY.
After 10 years of raising money for a very worthy cause, Kenny announced that this was go be the final "official" fundraiser. The place was wall to wall with wrestlers, and a good time was had by all.

Listen to TREAD!

There are THOUSANDS of songs recorded annually across the nation. Here are a few of them.

Visit my good friend Karl (aka "Geri Riggs")

This is one talented person!

My good friend Larry
A man of many talents and also many faces! He and I were in the EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) (aka:Paramedic) program in Albany, Georgia, back in the early '70's...before anyone really knew what the program was about. He also writes like Louis Grizzard, just to name a few.

Significant Emotional Event

I experienced an event while in the EMT program. You can read about it here. Two points of view given.

Cherokee Village, Arkansas

Looks like we're not in Minnesota anymore, Toto.

Just some toys.

Gasoline is my drug of choice. Getting to be a very expensive habit...

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